Content Repurposing: What’s Old is New Again


It takes lots of time to create new content. At times you feel like why not just hire someone to create all this content while I focus on what matters most to my business. My skills sets. There are so many ways you can repurpose blogs and videos. Start by choosing one platform as a base and then repurpose away.

What Exactly is Content Repurposing?

Repurposing content is taking your existing content (blog content, visual content, etc) and reworking it to fit the needs of different styles of learning. What it is not is reading your blog and recording it as a podcast. This is just duplicating content. It takes into account how visitors learn best and uses methods that are proven to get them to act on that information.

Are you ready to use old content to drive new traffic? Let’s do this!

Nos fuimos!


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