How To Refocus Your Social Media Strategy

Hola Mi Genete,

It's that time of year again. No not a time for setting goals but that time of year to dive into your social media strategy and assess what is working and what is not. I use the midpoint to check in on quarterly goals and begin to eliminate the content that is not performing well and make room for a new approach. It's like spring cleaning except it requires more sitting and staring at numbers and graphics. I promise it's FUN and helpful!

Ok enough of the jokes. lol, You are here to read about the state of social media and how to refocus your goals. Alternatively, if you are a unicorn to see how well you are shinning!  

Here are my thoughts and findings:

  1. Facebook Groups

    Do you have one? In 2017 when I attended the first Facebook Group summit. Mark Zuckerberg announced his move to focus more on communities "Groups" to bring people closer together. As you can see from the updates, this year, groups have become a central focus for Facebooks feed and overall experience. Now am I saying run and start a group NO. However, what I am saying is if you are a service provider course creator, coach, photographers, graphic designers, consultants, videographer, then groups are worth exploring to offer exclusive offers and content.   

  2. Instagram Stories

    Earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg said, "Stories are the future.". Stories both on Instagram and Facebook will continue to experience rapid growth as micro-content (short form video) + micro-engagement rises as the primary way users consume content. We LOVE to touch our phones. Which leads to Micro engagement like countdowns, sticker taps, poll answers, questions, reactions, swipe ups, and especially DMs. Word around the marketing town is Instagram will announce chatbot integration, allowing automated responses to DMs, which will be a game changer for many business owners.

  3. Chatbots

    Nowadays if you have a large audience, it's hard to keep up with them on social. Enter Chatbots to answer pressing frequently asked questions and to talk to clients about services or products reviews. Please don't get too spammy with Chatbots but do consider them as a way to let consumers know you received their message and will get back to them or redirect them to a quick reply based on your FAQ's.

  4. AI

    Gary Vee not to be confused with RitaVee. ;) Shared what he sees AI doing for the way we consume content. Take Google Home if I connect it to my Gmail. The one I frequently use not my junk one. It will tell me just about anything and play my favorite podcast, among other things. With AI searching for information is much, and it will be great for social media marketing. Why well we humans want everything Ahora (right now) enter the Google Homes and Alexas of the world, connecting us to brands, giving us directions, alerting us on the weather and playing our favorite podcast. Guess what AI is only going to continue to enhance the way consumers connect and consume content, connect with brands, and make shopping faster and easier.  

Until next time.

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