How To Effectively Engage Your Facebook Group

Hola Mi Gente!

This one's for my Faybook Friends (I love how my mom and aunts say Faybook). Ok, so Facebook...

Bueno, Facebook Groups have become very popular ever since Facebook announced their new mission in June 2017, to bring communities closer together through meaningful conversations.

As one of the selected few Facebook group admins chosen to attend the first Facebook Group Summit, I was in awe at what leadership work community leaders and myself were doing each day. I can’t speak for the others, but personally, I had no idea about the global impact we were having. I quickly learned and recognized my position as the Community Manager to the largest community of Latina Professionals online, Latinas Think Big.

So what does it entail to manage and grow such a large community? And, how do you begin to build community around your community?


  • Observe the engagement amount of members. This will tell you what the needs are.

  • Listen to their pain points as a way to bring value to the very reason why you created this community.

  • Create - Go live in your group and invite members to go live. Use the file options in your group to create important resources for your group.

There’s an assortment of ways to create meaningful conversations online while helping others grow through shared knowledge. Think of the value and purpose you desire to bring to your group. Your “why” will always be important since groups are a place to foster relationships and where you can build on your “why” for a greater good.

Nos fuimos!

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