How To Increase Your Social Media Engagement

Written and video content can be engaging; you just have to stop serving up boring content. With the latest Instagram TV and Facebook Watch becoming more popular, your content gets pushed down and away from the people who may need it the most.

You want people's thumbs to stop mid-scroll and engage with your content to trigger the algorithm.

As business owners on social networks and websites. You have to think, two things 

What can you and community managers do to create valuable content?

Here are three tips you can try:

  1. Plan and create short and long-form video content-

  2. Use the caption space strategically

  3. Use a great CTA (call to action), not just the basic head to my bio, or click here.


Think like a human. What do you want the user to do? Tell them the next action to take! You only get 3 lines of visible caption, so make it clear and concise.

You want people to engage with your content so that it always goes to the top of their feeds. Some additional ideas to try include…

  • Asking them to leave you a comment and tag a friend.

  • Posing a question.

  • Reminding them to tune in again.

Engagement online is just that! Engaging not just within your own post but with other accounts. It’s your new customer service, so treat it that way, and I promise you will begin to see a difference!

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