Why I started the RitaVee Digital Digest

Have a cafesito with me...

The way I started writing my digital digest is simple; I wrote pieces to share small nuggets of my knowledge as a social media strategist. When writing, I had the goal in mind that I didn’t want to write long-winded blogs or newsletters. There are so many ways in which you can begin to share content and I chose to start with my words on paper.

My hope is that you will read it and actually learn a marketing tip that you could use as you work toward your goals. Every week, expect practical strategies you can apply from the latest marketing trends right to your business. Not every tip will be for your business, so stay tuned each week for those tips and insight that do apply to your specific goals.

My weekly digest are like when my mom and Tias would come over and speak knowledge to me. I remember one specific time when my aunt Lola (who for years I didn’t know was from Nicaragua because I totally thought she was Puerto Rican) told me, “Now everything we are sharing with you is not to be used right away. Take what you need now and save the rest for when you need it.” My hope is that you will do the same with the information and guidance I provide to you

Bueno, this has been your Tuesday digital digest; have a productive week!

Nos fuimos!