How to use Pinterest for Bloggers

Have you heard of the #CDWT Tour? It is a conference on monetization, Instagram campaign management and leveraging your Pinterest strategy to elevate your influencer content strategy. chloédigital is a top membership agency helping influencers build global blogging businesses through tech, strategy and custom work.  

At the tour, I sat in on the Pinterest workshop and learned more about how you can up your Pinterest game! 

Let us get right into the three keys you need to succeed! 

1. Get a business account: Why? Let me explain.        

  • Pinterest IS a search engine with over 200 million users. It is very much like Google and YouTube. Therefore your Pins can reach beyond your followers when you use the searchable keyword. Think of the key words pinners would search when looking for your content.

  • There are two types of people on Pinterest

    • Pinners - everyday people

    • Creators - bloggers and creatives (if you are either of these you're going to want to switch to a business account. Click me to change to a business account)

  • Why switch? Pinterest ranks business accounts

2. Claim your Website: 

  • Claim your site here >

  • Claiming your website gives you attribution. No matter where someone pins your pin your website will be linked.

  • You can also gain access to tools like Pin stats and analytics.

3. Create Pins weekly or daily: 

  • Pinning weekly and or daily puts your content in front of your audience; as the average lifespan of a pin is 100 days.

  • Make sure you are creating Pinterest cover pages

  • Create boards in your niche with pin descriptions and relevant hashtags.

  • Prioritize key messages in the first 1-2 lines.

I also heard great news on new features rolling out in the next few weeks like linking your YouTube channel and Etsy shop. 

Bueno mi gente! In most recent RitaVee Digital Digest news, I will now be sharing the tea and cafe con leche with you on a different day. That is, my social media marketing Blog will be posted for you every first Wednesday of the month now.  Expect to learn about the latest trends and answers to how you can leverage social media.

Let's get to pinning and re-pinning. See you there! 

Nos fuimos!