9 Ways To Use Instagram Albums

Instagram albums allows you to post 10 images or videos into a single post that users can flip through to view. It removes clutter from your followers’ feeds and your profile!

There have been some mixed reviews on this, but I'm about to blow your mind! Think about it, you can essentially create carousel ads, which perform 10 times better than regular ads, for free.

Like carousel ads, Instagram’s albums allow you to combine photos and videos to share information in the cleanest way possible.

Here are nine creative ways you can start using Instagram albums for your business today.

1. Tutorial

Sharing a step-by-step tutorial on Instagram is easy, flexible, and engaging for followers. Try writing instructions on each photo, or explain what is happening in a video to create your perfect tutorial. You’re only provided 10 spaces, so these tutorials should focus on something simple and quick. Try to make it as concise as possible.

2. Event

Going to industry events is exciting, why wouldn’t you want to share everything you're seeing and learning with your followers? Now with albums, you don’t have to be scared to spam your followers! You can follow Instagram etiquette while strengthening the algorithm by adding your event images into one album.

3. New Product Announcements

Do you have a release just around the corner and want to get your followers excited? Albums are a great way to tease your audiences with sneak peeks of your new products. Just share up close photos, videos, and clues of what's to come. Don’t forget to add a helpful CTA to get followers to return when the product is fully launched.

4. Tell a story

Ever heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” ? Well, then just imagine what 10 photos (and videos) are worth!  Albums give you the chance to explore new creative ways of storytelling by breaking down each part into 10 images. Try telling a story about your product, customers or a lesson you’ve learned.

5. 360 degree

Many brands have hopped on albums and have embraced the #triplegram, where they post three related images, or one image divided into three parts. You can also get creative with things such as zoom to engage your audience even more.

6. Create a roundup

Social media is all about building meaningful relationships, and Instagram isn’t any different. Why not try reaching out to influencers by creating a round up of your favorite products or tactics you have seen. If you’re a business, you can even optimize this to showcase your most popular products or services.  

7. Testimonials

Did someone say something nice about your product or service, why not share it? You can use Instagram albums posts to share customer reviews of your products.

8. Before and after

Albums create the ideal opportunity to share before-and-after sequences. This is great for health and fitness, fashion, beauty, DIY, interior design or tracking the progress in your day.

9. Showcase your product

Ever hear of the 80/20 rule? It means you should only be posting about your product 20 percent of the time; you don’t want your whole Instagram feed to be flooded with pictures and videos of your product. Albums are a great way to achieve this.

Regardless of your industry, Instagram albums posts are great for sharing creative and engaging content. Don’t be scared to try and make one, the possibilities are endless!

Do you have a great album? I want to see it! Tag me in the comments.  

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